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The Love of My Life [May. 18th, 2010|04:18 pm]
Chip Tankgirl
So I saw this post on Craigslist the other day (emphasis mine):

Oakland Charter Academy/High School

Are you intelligent, competitive, and a go getter? Then perhaps you will want to know that American public education needs your help!

Our method of education is unique and successful. We emphasize academic rigor, structure, and respect for teachers. We embrace accountability, academic rigor, testing and data. People who consider themselves multi-cultural specialists, community organizers, activists, diversity champions, or counselors, please save yours and our time! We are seeking smart individuals with no excuse attitudes to fill our staff needs.
Is this you?

Oakland Charter Academy/High School is a National Blue Ribbon Award Winning School Model that is currently hiring staff and faculty for the 2010-2011 school year. OCA is currently the second highest performing middle school in Oakland with an API score of 942 and Rank of 10. Oakland Charter High School is the highest performing High School in the City of Oakland, and Alameda County with an API of 952. Look us up and see for yourself www.cde.ca.gov

Teaching experience is not absolutely necessary, but interested applicants need to have (or be willing to enroll) in a credential program. Individuals with Math and English backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Person must have passed the CBEST and CSET test at minimum.

How to Apply:

Submit resume, cover letter, and transcripts (official or unofficial) via fax (510) 532-6753, ATTN: Ms. Cuevas or email to : oca01@sbcglobal.net


I've been job hunting for a long time now, and it's been getting really depressing, and to see someone get snippy like that sort of cheesed me off, so I went ahead and emailed them:

Your post on craigslist makes you sound like a dickhead.

And I got an email back saying:

Thanks Pecker!

I think that's just hilarious. If I could, I would hug the person who sent it.